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Ethnologia Scandinavica 2012

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Ethnologia Scandinavica 2012

A Journal for Nordic Ethnology

214 sidor

Birgitta Svensson (red.)

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Ethnologia Scandinavica, nr 42

Ethnologia Scandinavica utkommer med ett nummer per år. Den innehåller artiklar om nordisk etnologisk forskning. Där finns även en omfattande recensionsavdelning. Artiklarna är huvudsakligen avfattade på engelska, men även tyska förekommer.

Svensson, Birgitta: Editorial
Andersen Nexø, Sniff: Undesired Contacts. The Troubled Boundaries of Colonial Bodies in Greenland.
Levitt, Peggy: The Bog and the Beast. Museum, Museums, the Nation, and the Globe.
Telste, Kari: An Eighteenth-Century Tea Table. The Materiality and Sociability of Tea and Coffee.
Hyltén-Cavallius, Sverker & Kaiser, Lars: Affective Ordering: On the Organization of Retrologies in Music Networks.
Flygare, Iréne A.: Family Land. Generational Succession and Property Transfer in Two Swedish Agricultural Areas from 1870to 2009.
Uusitalo, Eeva: Beyond the Village and Across Borders. Experiences of Mobility in Rural Northern Finland.
Fjell, Tove Ingebjørg: "Women are Free to Rampage as Much as They Like ..." About Men who Suffer Intimate Partner Violence at the Hands of Female Partners.
Marander-Eklund, Lena: Images of Housewifery. Women narrating their Choise to be a Housewife in the 1950s in the Swedish-speaking Parts of Finland.
Lappi, Tiina-Riitta: Walking the Streets of Suzhou. Approaching Urban Spaces through Embodied Experiences and Visual Interpretations.