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Arv - Nordic Yearbook of Folklore Vol. 76 - 2020

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Arv - Nordic Yearbook of Folklore Vol. 76 - 2020

Hard cover
184 pages

Arne Bugge Amundsen (red.)

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Arv, no. 76

Peter M. Broadwell and Timothy R. Tangherlini (CALIFORNIA): Geist, Geest, Geast, Sp0gelse; Venla Sykäri (HELSINKI): Digital Humanities and How to Read the Kalevala as a Thematic Anthology of Oral Poetry; Trausti Dagsson (REYKJAViK) and Olga Holownia (LONDON): Legends, Letters and Linking; Katherine Suzanne Beard (OXFORD): The Eitri Database; Pia Lindholm (HELSINKI): Finland-Swedish Folklore as a Versatile Online Tradition Source; Mari Sarv and Janika Oras (TARTU): From Tradition to Data; Anders Gustavsson (OSLO): Nineteenth-Century Cholera Epidemics in Sweden from a Popular Perspective