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Arv - Nordic Yearbook of Folklore Vol. 60 - 2004

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Arv - Nordic Yearbook of Folklore Vol. 60 - 2004

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332 pages

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Arv, no. 60 - 2004

Arv utkommer med ett nummer årligen. Tidskriften innehåller, som undertiteln anger, artiklar som behandlar folkloristiska ämnen samt en omfattande recensionsavdelning. Alla artiklar är författade på engelska.

Burke, Peter: Historical Reflections on Urban Violence
Pettitt, Thomas: The Ambivalent Beast in the Liminal Landscape: Categorical Transgression in the Contemporary Legend
Ødemark, John: Making the Paintings of the Ancestors Speak. The Father of Anthropology and the Translation of Mesoamerican Cultural Heritage in Miguel León-Portilla and Francisco Javier Clavijero
Larsen, Hanne Pico: One Ballad, Four Singers. An Examination of DgF 40 as Performed by Two Brothers and a Sister
Wolf-Knuts, Ulrika: Boys, Girls, and God
Sandberg, Christina: An Application of Propp’s Morphology to Commemorative Verses in Death Notices
Kjœr, Bjørg: The Little Difference? On Daycare Assistants’ Images of Us and Them - Narratives and Negotiations about Occupational Identity