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Arv - Nordic Yearbook of Folklore Vol. 53 - 1997

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Arv - Nordic Yearbook of Folklore Vol. 53 - 1997

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228 pages

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Arv, no. 53 - 1997

Arv utkommer med ett nummer årligen. Tidskriften innehåller, som undertiteln anger, artiklar som behandlar folkloristiska ämnen samt en omfattande recensionsavdelning. Alla artiklar är författade på engelska.

Kaivola-Bregenhøj, Annikki: "Who Am I Exactly?" Ethnic Identity as Revealed in Interviews with Ingrian-Finns
Clijf, Helen: Committed to Life - and Looking Death in the Eye
Åkesson Lynn: Fascination, Fiction, and the Primacy of Interpretation
Lundin, Susanne: An Authentic Family
Kjœr, Bjørg: Childhood Narrated, Privately and Professionally
Nielsen, Erik Kaas & Roberts, Alasdair: Danish Games and Scottish Playgrounds
Eriksen, Anne: Collective Tradition and the Individual
Hakamies, Pekka: The Role of Folklore in Maintaining Identity among a Karelian Group in Eastern Finland
Brimnes, Anna: Thoughts about Superstition in the Faroes
Amundsen, Arne Bugge: "The Living Must Follow the Dead." In Search of "The Religious Person" in the Nineteenth Century.
Sörlin, Per: The Blåkulla Story. Absurdity and Rationality
Buchholz, Peter: Hört Wahres, Schönes, Gutes. Erzählerkommentare in mittelalterlicher skandinavischer Literatur