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Ethnologia Scandinavica 2018

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Ethnologia Scandinavica 2018

A Journal for Nordic Ethnology

Soft cover
264 pages

Lars-Eric Jönsson (red.)

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Ethnologia Scandinavica, no. 48

This issue of Ethnologia Scandinavica starts with a call and a question about what has long been one of the key concepts in ethnology: the ordinary. Although not always problematized or even highlighted, this concept relates to most of the articles, biographies, and reviews in this issue. Focusing on the ordinary is, in short, explicitly or implicitly a strong part of ethnology.

In this issue we find articles investigating themes such as materiality, gendering, performance, identity, power, and citizenship.This is executed through studies in empirical fields like the Danish Army, story telling, recycling, transformed landscapes, mass vaccinations, elite football, cultural diversity, children's views on the end of the world, controlled medical trials in everyday situations, and the history of citizenship and the right to vote.