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Ethnologia Scandinavica 2009

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Ethnologia Scandinavica 2009

A Journal for Nordic Ethnology

Soft cover
240 pages

Birgitta Svensson (red.)

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Ethnologia Scandinavica, no. 39

Ethnologia Scandinavica utkommer med ett nummer per år. Den innehåller artiklar om nordisk etnologisk forskning. Där finns även en omfattande recensionsavdelning. Artiklarna är huvudsakligen avfattade på engelska, men även tyska förekommer.

Larsson, Marianne: Numerical Symbols on the Uniform Collars. Post Office Constitution of Subordinated Masculinity.
Paaskoski, Leena: Brothers and Sisters of the Forest. Gender in the Forester Profession.
Andersen, Dorte & Sandberg, Marie: Constructing EuroMan. The Enactment of Regional Identity-formation in the European Integration Process.
Myrdal, Janken: Women and Cows – Ownership and Work in Medieval Sweden.
Mathiesen Hjemdahl, Kirsti: Tourism as an Important Weapon against Poverty? On Female Entrepreneurship in Soweto.
Nicolic, Dragan: The Use and Abuse of Heritage. The Old Bridge in Post-War Mostar.
Lindegaard, Hanne: Artefacts as Co-constructed and Socio-material Phenomena.
Haldin, Christina: The Structured House. Dwelling as a Way of Designing Life.
Reksten, Connie: When Poetry Takes Place. On Olav H. Hauge, Literature, and Festival.